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How long are your readings and what do they cost?

60 min. $200     90 min $300       30 min $100

Couples’s sessions are 90 min $350, 60 min $250

Coaching Packages – 4 Readings $650

I offer a payment plan if needed. Clients can pay half up front and half within a month.


Do you record your sessions?

I record an mp3 for you and send it out within a few days of our session.  Upon request, I will send out charts and relocation maps.

*When I send out your reading, I will also send you a prescription for some practical applications of what we discussed, including mantras, stones and essences to work with, visualization and invocation tools, and more.


What do you need to book a session?

There is a BOOK NOW button on every page of readings, classes, and downloads.

Once you book a session, I send you a client intake form and scheduling options.


How far out do you schedule? 

I typically schedule session 2-4 weeks out.


How do you handle cancellation?

Because I invest time in preparing charts, cancellation requires 24 hours notice.  If you cannot make the session in the last minute, I will record an mp3 for you.

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Now serving clients in the Boulder, Denver, Evergreen area with Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, Relocation, Astrocartography, Forecasting and relationship compatibility.