Soul-Contracts and Karmic Partnerships

Soul-Contracts and Karmic Partnerships

Soul-Contracts and Karmic Partnerships


What is your version of the sacred partner? How can you recognize instant soul-contracts, destined meetings, and the most fulfilling relationships? How will October’s Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde challenge and support our relationships?

In this recorded class, you’ll learn about:

The Eclipse Season and its Focus on Conscious Relating
The 5 Essential Keys to Evolve Intimacy now
The Many Astrological Factors of Relationship Intent and Marriage
How to Move from Karmic to Dharmic Partnerships
Asteroid Juno and Commitment, Sacredness, and Fairness in Relationship
Finding Soul-Mates: Juno Lines in Astrolocality
October’s Aries Lunar Eclipse
October’s Scorpio Solar Eclipse
The Current Mercury Retrograde in Libra
The 8th House, Sexuality, Intimacy, and Soul-Bonds
The Myth of Juno and Jupiter (Hera and Zeus)
Astrological Significators of Marriage
How to Recognize Destiny Encounters with the Nodes of the Moon
Many Famous Chart Examples of the 8th House, Nodes, and Juno


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