Business Coaching

Business Coaching

“There long has been a thriving astrological subculture within the investment world,
rife with internal squabbles about who is the purest astrologer.”


With a busy life it can be overwhelming to know the best time to accomplish all of our many life goals.

In this strategy session, we will discuss the birth chart of your business, based either on its incorporation date or the date you started your company.  This chart will reveal both strengths and weaknesses of the business and can provide accurate information about timemapping, forecasting, and strategizing major events.

Also, we will map the best times of the month and year to efficiently realize all the major areas of life, including career, travel, relationships, home, and time to rest.

We can also connect your personal chart to your business chart to analyze the best ways to harmonize with your business.  This provides practical tools for engaging intelligently with your company and fellow employees.

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