Ceremonies & Workshops

Ceremonies & Workshops

“Stars call you hOMe,

You are not alone”


moon_stars_wolves_1440x900_89313Since 2005, VerDarLuz has facilitated embodied practices with the archetypes, including AstroYoga, Zodiac Dance, Astro-Qi Kung, and Zodiac based Pujas.  He also leads Zodiac Pujas and Sacred Circles—transformational group journeys of deep connecting which open the heart to profound states of vulnerability and intimacy.  

Ceremonies and workshops often include CelestiOwl prayerformances and sound healings. VerDarLuz’s original music and DJ sets ripple out vibrations of sonic medicine and facilitate an expansive space of both communal celebration inward journeying.  

Immersive Retreats in Colorado and other global locations including Mexico and Costa Rica are currently being scheduled. These retreats facilitate a more holistic process of transformation and self-awakening.  Various modalities are explored including archetypal astrology, human design, transformational breathwork, white tantra, music, dance, yoga, and qi kong. Please visit this page for updates about upcoming retreats.

For VerDarLuz’s sound healing, prayerformances, and orchestral electronic music, visit celestiowl.com

Now serving clients in the Boulder, Denver, Evergreen area with Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, Relocation, Astrocartography, Forecasting and relationship compatibility.