Conscious Relating with Human Design

Conscious Relating with Human Design

Conscious Relating with Human Design:

Honoring Type and Inner Authority

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Wednesday March 11

6pm pac, 7pm mtn, 8pm ctrl, 9pm est

What patterns of energy consistently motivate your major choices in your life?

In what ways are you conditioned and influenced by partners, friends, co-workers, or children?

How can you make authentic decisions in your life?

In this very special teleclass on the emerging system of self-awareness and soul inquiry, Human Design, you will learn about the following:

-Learn how to consciously navigate and harmonize between your Energy Type and the Types of family members, lovers, and employees.

-What are the nine energy centers in Human Design?

-Which of the centers is your reliable place from which to make the key decisions in your life?

-Learn about the various centers of Authority or Inner Truth:

     including the Emotional Solar Plexus, the Sacral, the Spleen, and the Self center.

*Each class participant will receive personal insight on their specific Type and Decision-Making Authority.

**Invest at the premium rate and receive Type and Authority for both you and another person of your choice.

***Please list your birth date/time/place and your second person, if you choose that option.

Call-in information and Slides sent out day of class

**Class is recorded if you can’t make it live and sent out the following day.


   $40 – One person

   $50 – Two people

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