Conscious Relating

Conscious Relating

“For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of our tasks; the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.” – Rainer Maria Rilke Scarab Temple

Relationship is a magical act, requiring intention, compassion, and unconditional love.  The following sessions support the deeper awareness of conscious relating.

  • Sacred Relating with Synastry and Compatibility  
  • Composite Charts – The Two as One
  • Divine Partnering with Human Design
  • Couple’s Relocation
  • Optimal Wedding Dates

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Uniting the Stars: Couple’s Synastry Reading

Synastry literally means to ‘join the stars.” In this synastry reading, we weave together the song of two individual charts and ask how each person affects the other.

We focus on each person’s individual relationship intent by first addressing the versions of the Divine Masculine and Sacred Feminine each wishes to be honored for.  What patterns of attraction are consistent within each partner and what energies will most satisfy and nourish each individual?  What kinds of soul-contracts and karma exist between each partner?  In what areas of life do you most activate our beloved?  Where do we elementally harmonize and flow where are our challenges and areas of friction?   

In our longer session, we will also discuss some key initiation cycle of each person to contextualize the relationship.

Couple’s Relocation

Where is the ideal location for your relationship to blossom?

Is your current location healthy and filled with the potential for success in terms of career, stability, community, and family?

In this reading, we examine both partners’ individual maps for 3-4 regions of the world.  In addition to studying various sets of influential energies through astrocartography, local space, and parans, we use cyclocartography to understand forecasting over these locations.

We will also relocate a couple’s composite charts and investigate how each person affects the other partner differently from one location to the next.

Two as One: The Couple’s Composite Chart

Who is the composite energy singing between the two of us, the third entity, the special union of us as one?  In this reading, we address the following questions: 

What energy do we emit out to the world?   What do we need to feel nourished as a couple and what activities, environments, and communities vitalize us?  What are the karmic patterns we inherit together and what is our path of self-realization in this life?  What evolutionary cycles are we in as a couple and how best can we support each other through the shifts?

Couple’s Human Design Reading

 A couple’s Human Design analysis is one of the most fascinating and empowering journeys a couple can experience together.  In our time together, we will explore the synergy and possible challenges of your energy types.  We inform each partner of their life strategy and the places to rely on to make key decisions in their lives.  In addition, we will focus on each of the four kinds of energetic connections between the partners—electromagnetic, friendship, dominion, and compromise.  The two Profiles will be discussed and their typical bonding strategies and approaches to life.  We will also explore the position of Mars and Venus—the versions of the sacred masculine and feminine—in each person’s design, for a full synthesis of each partner’s relationship intent.

Optimal Wedding Dates

Electional astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology and utilized to choose the optimum dates and times to begin events, including weddings, business incorporations and openings, travel, project launches, surgeries and more.

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