Family Readings

Family Readings


Every parent and educator would like a map for raising and teaching children. Utilizing the systems of Western Astrology and Human Design, coupled with family coaching, this session will help you answer the following questions:

    1. What kinds of educational programs and curriculum will best support my child or classroom?
    2. What is my child’s most efficient learning styles?
    3. How can I support their primary emotional needs?
    4. What role can each parent play in assisting my child’s growth?
    5. What kinds of media, recreation, and activities will be most appropriate for my child’s self-discovery?
    6. How can my children get along with each other better?
    7. What natural rites of passage is my child about to go through and how can I facilitate their initiations in positive ways?
    8. How can I learn not to project my own life challenges onto my children?
    9. What are the optimal disciplinary techniques for my child?
    10. What are the soul-contracts and energy dynamics between my child and myself?


90 minutes  –  Family charts comparing all family members

60 minutes  – One Child’s birth chart or Human Design chart

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“VerDarLuz’s reading offered profound insights into the mysteries of my daughter’s inner psyche. I gained a deeper understanding of her soul’s evolutionary path, as well as some practical tools for navigating our journey together in a more harmonious way. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to receive such invaluable information, so that I can tune in to the highest potential in my role as a guide for my children.” ~Aja, CO

*Further sessions are recommended each year, and especially powerful around your child’s birthday.

*Relocation Charts are also available for families thinking of moving and looking to find the optimal locations for all family members.

Please enjoy this Video on Evolutionary Parenting with Astrology and Human Design.

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