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Feb 2014

Mars Retrograde in Libra Spring 2014

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March 1-May 19, from 27 Libra to 9 Libra.

During the 9 week cycle of Mars Retrograde in Libra, the hungry warrior’s shield is laid down.  His mission turns toward those who are supporting—friend, family, lover.  Opportunities to actively listen to the needs of others increase, though the tendency for indecision and frustration at goals being delayed can irritate us.  We must give great caution during this cycle as we may more easily project our little annoyances on those we care for, and unnecessarily create a battlefield in our daily environments.

With Mars in the sign of Libra, this cycle helps us reflect upon previous decisions, and especially our reactive tendencies—emotions such as anger, frustration, self-defense, sexual motivation, and territoriality come up for serious examination.  You may ask yourself the following questions: In what ways do I try to dominate in my relationships?  In what ways do I empower each relationship I am in?

Aggressive forcing of decisions is unwise, as is the beginning of major new business endeavors or personal relationships, as these tend to fizzle out shortly after they begin.  Forward movement of projects or intimate bonds is frustrated to afford us the opportunity to adjust and clarify our true desire.

The way in which Mars retrograde will affect us more personally depends on the house position for Mars.  However, those with a significant amount of Aries or Scorpio in their charts should feel their fires tamed as the cycle forces a more inward reflection on their impulse, instinct, and psychological motivation.

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