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Feb 2014

Mercury Retrogrades 2014

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MERCURY RETROGRADE Dates 2014mercury 8 x 10

Feb. 6 – Feb 28, from 3 Pisces to 18 Aquarius
Jun. 7 – July 1 from 3 Cancer to 24 Gemini
Oct. 4 – Oct. 25 from 2 Scorpio to 16 Libra

One of the most important and commonly known astrological cycles is the Mercury Retrograde cycle. Three times a year, for three weeks, the planet Mercury appears to move backward and all areas which the messenger god rules—technology, travel, business negotiation, communications—seem to go a bit haywire.

In the myths, besides being a messenger Mercury was a renowned thief, and these retrograde cycles often remind us of the preciousness of our information. It is advised to back up all significant information before the cycle, as well as to clean hard drives, secure phone contacts, and repair vehicles.

If we try to move too fast, we’ll likely scatter our brains over too much territory and lose the fine details along the way. Double and triple check important documents and communications. If you can avoid travel, beginning major projects, or signing contracts of any kind during these windows, and instead reflect, integrate, and strategize the next few months, Mercury will bless you.

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