Art of Partnership Coaching Package

Art of Partnership Coaching Package

Autumn_Skye_ - Beloveds


Celestial Beloved – 90 Minute Relationship Intent Reading
-Addressing Your repeating themes and struggles in relationship
-How to Own and Communicate your version of the God and Goddess
-Complementary and Consistent patterns – Your 7th House
-Soul-Contracts, Sexuality, Blending Resources, your Shadow – 8th House
-Emotional Needs for security, comfort, and soul-nourishment
-Your erotic nature and Primary Turn-Ons

AstroLocality – Finding Your Flame
-60 minute consultation on the most powerful places for grace and ease in love in the United States and the whole world

Human Design for Conscious Relating
– 60 minute on How to Honor Your Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, and Profile for successful, balanced, harmonious partnerships

VALUED at $600


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