Power Places: AstroLocality

Power Places: AstroLocality

“This place where you are, God circled on a map for you.” ~ Hafiz


Where are the places which will most satisfy the yearnings in your soul?

AstroLocality reveals the places that will best support all of your intentions. Thus, if you are looking to find love, a stable career, an enriching home and community, spiritual growth, or creative fulfillment, different locations will be more or less beneficial for your pursuits, and can be pinpointed through AstroLocality.

I offer three options:

1.  You are moving to or visiting ONE location.  You would like to know what energies will accompany you in this location, and how best to harmonize with them.
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2. You are interested in a few different regions and also have some specific intentions for travel or relocation. If you know you are moving or traveling and would like to understand the energetic influences in THREE possible locations, this is a great session for you. I describe the energetic potentials of the places of interest to you. .Together, we explore over 3 sets of planetary influences and locational techniques, including astrocartography, parans, and local space lines.
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3. The Ultimate Journey.   In this holistic AstroLocality session, we study FOUR regions in depth, as well as a few locations that jump out at me. as potential places of power and growth for you.   I also look at your transits over a place at a given time, thus tuning in to the forecasting over a region for the next 12-24 months. I also study your geodetic map, about how you connect to the culture of a place. All of this is done in the context of your natal birth chart, which no online software can reference back to.  Importantly, individuals from specific locations will also represent the energy of those locations for you. This adds to the empowering realizations that flow from an astrolocality analysis. Book This 90 Minute Session

Treasure Maps copy

*We work through Skype or phone. I will send you an MP3 recording and copies of your maps for future study.

Treasure Maps show you particular hot spots for major areas of focus and intention in your life, such as Friends and Family, Vocation and Career, Love and Romance, Education and Teaching, and more.

"Before VerDarLuz's relocation session, my girlfriend and I were at a crossroads. I could not live where she was and she could not live where I was. VerDarLuz found the mutual, supportive location where we both wanted to live. Now she and I are setting sail to live our life together." -Sam

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