Choose the Most Auspicious Dates


What phases of life are critical to your soul’s development in the next year?

What cycles are assisting your path of evolution at this time?

In our forecasting work together, we use a combination of tools to delineate the most powerful initiations of the coming year and the most harmonic way to navigate through these shifts.  We will focus on Transits—triggers and catalysts for specific awakening processes within you. We also focus on slower processes of blossoming and becoming—Secondary Progressions—with a special focus on your current emotional phase and mood of your soul, the Progressed Moon.

We will also apply predictive techniques from Hellenistic Astrology and the ancient Greek world which include finding your most important planet for the year—your Time Lord—through Annual Profections, Solar Returns (birthday charts), and Solar Arcs.   

If time permits, we may also look at a few critical transits to your Human Design bodygraph, which will delineate which energy centers and channels will dominate your life experience for the coming year.



Timemapping is a unique form of forecasting that specifies the most powerful initiations and opportunities in your life on a month by month basis.  This provides for you a strategic plan for you to efficiently realize and balance all the major areas of life, including career, travel, relationships, home, creativity, spiritual practice, and time to rest.

Our Timemapping session together will answer the following questions:

    1. What kinds of career and vocational paths will best support my natural gifts, talents, and energy make-up this year?
    2. How can I find more time to balance my life?
    3. What is a month-by-month trajectory for activating, realizing, and celebrating my ambitions and goals in career, family, relationships, travel, and creativity?
    4. What kinds of strategies can I apply towards managing my financial resources?  What patterns exist with money for me? When should I expect the ebb and flow of finances?
    5. When should I launch a product, project, or website?

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