TELECLASS: Honoring Your Life Path

TELECLASS: Honoring Your Life Path

AstroNumerology – Honoring Your Life Path


Wednesday May 27th

6pm pac, 7pm mtn, 8 ctrl, 9est

Join us for this special 90 minute teleclass combining Astrology and Pythagorean Numerology.

You will learn:

-What is Numerology’s Life Path Number and Why is it important?

-What are Numerology’s 5 Core Numbers?

-How to Calculate Your Life Path Number and the Numbers of friends, family members, and beloveds

-The Life Path and Your Child’s Evolutionary Journey

-Your Relationship Patterns through the Life Path

-Career Potentials for each path

-The Life Path: Soul Lessons and Growth

-The Esoteric and Sacred Meaning of the 9 Numbers of Creation

-The Astrological correspondences for each number

-Famous Life Paths for each of the 9 Numbers

-Cycles – The Personal Year, Essences, Universal Year, and Your Life Path

*This is a recorded teleclass, if you can’t make it live.

**Call-in Information and slides sent day of class.

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