TELECLASS: Sexual Astrology

TELECLASS: Sexual Astrology

Sexual Astrology: Eros and the Archetypes
alex grey - cosmic love

Wednesday November 18

5pm pac, 6 mtn, 7 ctrl, 8 est

You are invited to explore the panorama of sexuality and sensuality as expressed in each archetype of the zodiac as we explore:
    – The essential needs and core desires of each zodiac sign


  • Discover the Lover’s Masks – how the versions of the God and Goddess express themselves


  • Reveal an empowered vocabulary to communicate your desires and honor your partner.


  • Learn Sacred Sexuality and Tantric practices to honor each archetype


  • The different functions of the planets in our sexual desires, including the role of the Moon, Sun, Venus, Mars, the 7th and 8th houses.


  • Discover techniques to access your sexual compatibility instantly with a lover


  • Learn the blissful potential and shadow shut-downs of each sign.


  • How to work with the Lunar cycle to enhance your sexual practice


*This class will be recorded and sent out the week of class if you can’t make it live.

**Call-in Information sent day of class


   $25, $35, or $45

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