Unleash Your Genius! Strategy Session

Unleash Your Genius! Strategy Session

Unleash Your Genius!

Strategy Session

YES!  I’m very excited that you’re interested in a coaching consultation! I am passionately committed to working with you towards your growth, empowerment, and overall awakening.  Although I wish I could help everyone, I am only able to offer a limited number of these consultations per month.   If you are committed to your accelerated transformation, please simply copy this application, fill it out in email, and send to me at verdarluz@gmail.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!


-BIRTH Date/Time/Place





What frustrates or challenges you the most about your business and personal life? 

What have you tried to do to resolve these challenges? How did it work?

What is not resolving the challenge costing you?

How much longer are you willing to deal with these challenges? (Choose 1)

– Not another day

– I could try to hang in there a little bit longer if I had to.

– I could deal for another few weeks or months to see if it improves.

– It’s not the most urgent thing in my life, so I can probably deal with it for at least another year and see what happens.

What do you want instead and how would your life be like a year from now if you were able to achieve that goal?

On a scale of 1-10, how motivated are you to bring about your desired results?

10 – Very motivated! It’s my top priority right now



7 – Pretty motivated



4 – Somewhat motivated



1 – Completely unmotivated

Let’s get specific. What are you willing to DO to achieve your desired results? (Check all that apply.)

Commit a small amount of my time.

Commit a significant chunk of my time.

Commit a small amount of financial resources.

Commit a significant chunk of my financial resources.

Change my current thinking and behavior (with help)

Go outside my comfort zone to try strategies I’ve never tried

How did you find me?

Thank you for honoring yourself and for seeking assistance on your path. You will hear from me soon!

Now serving clients in the Boulder, Denver, Evergreen area with Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, Relocation, Astrocartography, Forecasting and relationship compatibility.