2016 Forecast: Mastering Impermanence

2016 Forecast: Mastering Impermanence

2016 Sign

2016 is Here!

A transformative year of change and surrender is upon us.

This teleclass will guide and empower you through the year ahead.

Wednesday, January 6th

6pac, 7mtn, 8ctrl, 9est 

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What you’ll learn about:

  • 90 minute slide presentation exploring the Key Astrology and Numerology Cycles of the Year
  • Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio: What do I REALLY want and Why?
  • *Detailed Predictions for Every Sun Sign and Rising Sign*
  • Roller-Coaster Whirlwind of the Mutable T-Square
  • Travel, Tech, Communication Challenges: Mercury Retrogrades
  • How 2016’s Numerology demands that we let go, trust, and surrender
  • Health Evolution and Refinement in Relation – Jupiter in Virgo and Libra
  • Practicing faith and what do I believe with Saturn moving into Sagittarius
  • Evolutionary Portals and Phase Shifts: Extra Eclipses in 2016!
  • Opportunities for free consultations!!
  • and much more!

*Recorded mp3’s will be sent out the week of the class.

**Call-in info sent day of class.

***Investment – $35

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