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Jun 2015

How Immense is This?! Christ-Consciousness, Open Relating, and the Epic Leo Conjunction

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How wide can you pry open your heart?
How wise the art of partnership?
How bright the light of Christ cascading out from within?
    In August 2 BCE, a brilliant star illuminated the night sky, a prophesied star.  In fact, this was not one star, but the conjunction of many heavenly bodies—Venus, Jupiter, and Regulus.  To the Magi star shamans of Chaldea, Jupiter’s prominence often heralded the birth of kings and Venus was Ishtar—mother goddess of fertility.  Jupiter and Venus joined each other in a magnificent display in Leo, near the star Regulus.  Leo was associated with the tribe of Judah, out of which a King would be born, and thus the emergence of Christ-consciousness, the Light of Lights, the King of Kings.     A similar alignment has graced these SOULstice skies.  Every element of life, love, and creativity is epic proportion, beyond larger than life these days.  Under this alignment, the recent Firefly and Sonic Bloom festivals I attended overflowed with outrageous creativity—stages surrounded by unbelievably talented live painters, sacred earth mandala art with sound healing gongs and bowls, live music to packed yoga classes, eclectic electronic sounds from around the globe, workshops on everything from Sacred Geometry to Open Relationships to Astroshamanism, and tons of hedonic intoxication.

        The Jupiter-Venus conjunction which peaks this coming weekend, and returns late July/early August, knows no limits—it is inspired hedonism unleashed, the ultimate of indulgences, but what are we indulging in?
    As one of the four royal stars, Regulus connotes leadership and excellence, but also the egoic power plays and childlike tantrums of Leo. Thus, we are invited to all tend the fires of our creative passions, discover and honor our heart’s true desires, without completely getting consumed by the enraged flame.  How do we feel regal and how do we receive the feeling of being honored and respected?
    With Venus already in her retrograde sign of Leo, we may become acutely aware of those with whom, in the delicious battle of love, we have unresolved issues with.  Or perhaps, how we have shut down our true selves in the name of relating.  This is why connecting with the spirit of Christ-consciousness is so vital at this time—the sacred heart of unconditional love invites us all to perceive through its lens of universal compassion, while acknowledging that each emotion we feel is a self-created reality.

     If Regulus is the Law-Giver, then the Jupiter-Venus-Regulus conjunction is the commandment to Love thy neighbor as yourself. The isosceles triangle configuration on Saturday night, in the image from Star Walk app above, literally displayed the Law of Love and the order to the Universe, which the myriads of visionary artists share in their exquisite paintings, clothing, and stencils of sacred geometry.

        Love’s constellations have their own special and mysterious sacred geometry.   This Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Leo also trines Uranus in Aries, so this unique alignment may be initiating a whole new vocabulary around conscious relating which allows for maximum freedom coupled with committed support.  Venus wants Jupiter’s expansive and inspiring possibility, no limits, and Uranus wildly lets loose all rules so that freedom’s path can naturally unfold, with fun and with surprise.
   But even the great benefice planets, Venus and Jupiter, spark a shadow side.  Combined with Regulus, in Leo, personal dramas may spark out of control.  The self-righteous arrogance of the king-queen stubbornly defends its position, and may even take vengeance on those who disagree with it.  With all the recent Gemini energy, vengeance may seep out through negative gossip or petty talk.
    The energy is BIG out there, an important time to watch ourselves and our reactions, but to also align and embrace the magic of synchronicity.  Keep your eyes on the western night skies these next few weeks: On the 30th and 1st, Jupiter and Venus will be exactly aligned, so shout out your love at the top of your lungs!!
    Further Jupiter-Venus-Regulus-Moon observations from Solstice weekend from my journal:
Today on Planet Earth, Stopping at Dakota Hot Springs after the Sonic Bloom festival:
    The energy of the conversations, like a Lion Pride or a Mexican-Italian family reunion— the tone, the gesture, the posture — all elevated extravagance, everyone’s voice cranked a few nobs up louder, exaggerated in their presentation, not just naked bodies, but a proud sultan-strut to them, whatever their condition….
    A table where 4 people indulge in one of Leo’s favorite pastimes – gambling, and the blonde haired 40 something guy with the paunch downing his bottle of Jack Daniels right next to them.  And this other guy smoking his vape-pen like a pompous cheshire cat, fully owning it, and then engages in conversation with the topless woman about how inflated the housing prices are (Jupiter-Venus = inflated costs), while she exudes the details of her own luxurious spending habits—the new furniture in the house and the new Ford Mustang, but she doesn’t feel bad about it, she’ll pay her bills, and the truth is She Wanted All of It. (Leo- deservedness and desire.)
     And within 3 days, I meet two different women (Venus), both of whom are firefighters (Leo), and one of theses women in the hotsprings, super stocky, strong, athletic (Jupiter-Venus) informs me of her recent Iron Woman triathlon obstacle course madness, and why she really needed some HOT springs….
        How hot, how immense, how intense is this?  Jupiter-Venus-Moon-Regulus Leo

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Jan 2015

Martin Luther King Jr. – Astrology and Numerology

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Unfortunately, we do not have a birth time for Dr. King, but we do know that he was born with the Moon and Venus in Pisces, giving him a very compassionate nature with an aesthetic sensibility, especially towards poetry and religious literature.  Pisces is also a highly spiritual and mystical zodiac sign, and Dr. King not only stepped onto his path of becoming a minister at the age of 15, but he was greatly influenced by India’s great spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi.   

The Capricorn Sun is a figure who represents determined leadership, and the power to systematically, step-by-step move towards success.   Capricorns often accomplish a great amount in their lifetime through strategic planning.  They feel a deep sense of responsibility and accountability to whatever organization of which they are a part.  Embracing disciplined duty, they can eventually be perceived as the wise elders of their tribe, even at a young age, like Dr. King.

One of the communication tactics of a Mercury in Aquarius is to connect with the revolutionary ideals of a group of people.  The emphasis on individual sovereignty as well as collective freedoms in the name of serious injustices reflects the Aquarian Mercury, who is also willing to take unorthodox approaches to expressing his humanitarian message to the world.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


In Numerology, our name holds a spiritual vibration.  Each letter corresponds to a number frequency.  The reduction of the numbers in our birth name is called the Expression Number, which refers to the orientation, goal, or aim of your life, and the inherent talents you are born with.  Also called the destiny number, it reveals your potential and what you can likely accomplish.

However a Minor Expression number also exists.  The Minor Expression is determined by the current name you use.  This can be a shortened version of your birth name or entirely different name by which you are called.  Often the Minor Expression number and its characteristics may compensate for missing elements in our birth name.  It may also intensify certain talents or repeat specific core themes in your numerology.

Dr. King was born as Michael Luther King, which vibrates to the 40/4.  The name Michael alone vibrates to the Master Number 22, which also reduces to a 4.   The number 4 is a number of solid foundation, someone who is an organizer and manager, who can both structure and carry out systematic plans, like the Capricorn Sun.

The Master Number 22 is called the “Master Builder,” and has the greatest potential to turn “I have a dream” into a reality.  22’s can feel a pressure from the archetypal world, like a vision that must be actualized through their efforts.  They must have enormous self-confidence and leadership skills, as well as the ability to network and connect with those who can help to manifest into form a revolutionary goal that can influence the world for generations to come.

When he was six years old, he took on the name Martin.  The fascinating thing is that MARTIN, MARTIN LUTHER KING, and DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., all reduce to the number 8.   The 8 is our current universal year, and anyone who expresses these traits and this destiny has the potential to achieve great power on the planet.  Challenges and rivalries can actually motivate the 8 Expression to strive beyond its own limitations in order to achieve the authority and success it feels to be its birth right.  The 8 is best when focusing on the broad picture and the grand plan, while delegating the details to others.  Courage, resilience, tenacity, and the demanding streak mark this destiny.

The fact that Dr. King’s Life Path number is a 28/1 is also intriguing.  Dr. King moves on the 1 Life Path through the 2 and the 8.   Thus, he is on the 1 path of leadership, ambition, pioneering spirit, and fearless forward movement.  But he does this through the deep emotional bond of partnerships, collaborators, and alliances, the 2, who support the empowerment and large scale enterprise of the 8.

Interestingly, Dr. King was highly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s non violent movements of rebellion.  King saw his own 1 Life Path reflected in Gandhi’s 1 Expression Number.  In addition, King’s 4 Expression number connected with the Soul-Urge Number of Gandhi.   How our own core numbers connect to partners or teachers is a fascinating path of study.

If you have changed your own name, the cycles at that time can bring profound revelations into the initiatory rites of passage your soul was undergoing then.   This study includes your numerology transits and essences, as well as your personal year, and pinnacle cycles, in addition to your astrology transits and progressions.

Thank you Dr. King, for all intolerance and injustice you helped to end, and the equality and justice you helped to build.

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Dec 2014

2015 Lazer Forecast Special

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30 Minute Astrology or Numerology 2015 Forecast

In this lazer focused forecast, we use either your astrology or numerology chart, you choose, to answer the following questions:

What opportunities are presenting themselves in the year ahead?  How is my soul developing on its path of evolution?  What new challenges for growth in relationships and career will arise this year?  What are some peak dates for the next 3 months I should prepare and plan for?

Special: Normally $100, only $80 until 1/15.

Book a Session

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Dec 2014

2015 Ultimate Forecast Call

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2015 is Here!

A powerhouse year is upon us and this teleclass will guide and empower you

through the year ahead.

What you’ll learn about:

  • The Key Astrology and Numerology Cycles of the Year
  • Human Design Transits
  • Travel, Tech, Communication Challenges: Mercury Retrogrades
  • Love Tests: Venus Retrograde
  • Best Business Transits
  • Inspiration and Illumination: The Grand Fire Trine
  • Evolutionary Portals and Phase Shifts: Eclipses
  • Finding faith with Saturn moving into Sagittarius
  • Jupiter in Virgo
  • Opportunities for free consultations!!
  • and much more!

*Recorded mp3’s will be sent out the week of the class.

**Call-in info sent day of class.



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Nov 2014

TimeMastery – Abundant Accomplishment

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sexy_witch_wall_clock (1)TIMEMASTERY:

6 Sexy Strategies for

Abundant Accomplishment

Tuesday 11/11/14

6 pm pac, 7 Mtn, 8 Ctrl, 9 Est


How precious is your time to you?

Does it feel like you never have enough?

In this special TimeMastery webinar, learn how to find the best times:

   For financial opportunities, being at home with family, peak times for career, social life, relational development, travel, and spiritual rest and recuperation.

We will explore the question: How can the ancient science of astrology help me achieve all of my potential?

We will discuss specifically how to use the Sun and Moon’s regular cycle to timemap your life, and the power of integrating New and Full Moon transits so that you can gracefully balance and commit to all we love—family, creativity, nature, work, our beloveds?

We will also explore the archetype of Time in astrology—Saturn—and how to honor his transits collectively and personally, as we discuss:

~Saturn’s 7 year Cycle, including Saturn Return

~Saturn in Scorpio

~Saturn in Ophiuchus – The Wounded Healer

~Saturn in Sagittarius in 2015

*And a personal interpretation for Saturn’s transit in your chart in 2015

*Class members will receive bonus discounts for coaching

**This class is a recorded WEBINAR; call-in instructions sent out day of class

***All participants will receive the recording of the class and personal interpretation within the week of the class.

Join This Webinar

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Sep 2014

Robin Williams’ Human Design

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Robin Williams HD


In investigating Robin Williams’ life—his gifts and challenges—his Human Design reveals volumes about him.

It begins with his Type and Authority—the Emotional Generator.  Generators must always respond to stimulus in their environments.  For Williams to get a “yes” on a project, or to really find his personal truth before dedicating his energy to something, he would have to check in with his emotional authority.  %50 of the world is emotionally defined, and this solar plexus center fucntions like a biorhythm, but specifically a rhythm or wave of emotions.  We always recommend emotional authority types to learn to witness their highs and lows, and honor where they are at emotionally.  But to make the big decisions in life absolutely requires time and patience, so that an emotionally neutral place can be discovered.

We can assume that Williams was in an incredibly low point in his emotional wave, when he made the decision to end his life, unable to acknowledge that he would rise out of the depths of the underworld to the heights of joy and laughter.   Williams’ ability to play many different characters with different emotional textures suggest the power of the emotional solar plexus center to transmute depressive or dark energy into something creative.


One of the most notable pieces of Robin Williams’ Human Design is his undefined Identity Center, which can be quite an asset to actors, since it facilitates a chameleon-like nature.  It especially supports the ability for actors/performers to morph into many different archetypes and roles.

Similarly, Williams has an undefined Throat center, which can be a great gift as a performer, since it allows one to slip in and out of voices and characters quite easily.  One could notice that within just a few seconds, Williams could jump from Shakespeare to an elderly grandmother to some alien creature.  This would not be so easily achieved with a defined throat.  It is wonderful for an artist to have Venus, planet of aesthetics in the throat, and Robin has his unconscious Venus there as well.

But the shadow of the Undefined Identity center can be a sense of utter insecurity—a directionless void can open up within us wherein we turn to all the relationships around us for not only a way to define ourselves but also for finding purpose and meaning.  This outside validation can be dangerous if we are not around those who love us purely and unconditionally.  Again, the planetary layer of interpretation helps us to understand Williams even more, as we see his Unconscious Jupiter in the Identity center.  Jupiter is the planet of humor and would contribute to the jovial, inspired, and over the top qualities we all witnessed in Williams.  But the only other planet co-present in the Identity center with Jupiter, is Williams’ Conscious and Unconscious Pluto, pointing to the potential for a constant death-and-rebirth theme in terms of Williams’ identity, the snake that might continually eat its own poisonous tale, before urgently needing to shed its skin, regenerate, and renew.  Jupiter amplifies the Plutonian extremes, either towards total empowerment and rapture or shadowy self-destruction.


Robin Williams is a Split Definition, which means that his Emotions and Will speak to each other, and his Root, Sacral, and Spleen centers communicate to each other, but they do not all link together.  Thus, this Split could create an inner tension between William’s need for patience to receive his emotional clarity and his splenic fear response and animal instinct, and the root pressure to get things done.  This could feel like battling voices going off inside of him.

The 37-40 Channel of Community gives Williams his emotional authority.  This tribal circuit suggests that William’s moods would be very dependent on those around him, including those in his tribe, and his family members.

Williams has another tribal channel, the 27-50 Channel of Preservation.  People with this channel offer great support for those around them, including acting as a conscience for the community.  Much of Williams’ comedy directly demonstrated those values which were, or were not, nourishing for the whole.

The last definition and probably most challenging for Williams is the 3-60 from the Root to the Sacral centers.   Called the Channel of Mutations, this energy pathway applies a constant adrenalized Root pressure to innovate, renew, and regenerate self and others.  This kind of pulsing frequency can be erratic and inconsistent, so that the moments of stillness can actually create an inner tension, resulting in melancholia, depression, and anxious moods.


The Human Design Profile reflects much of our personality, motivations, filters of perception, and approach to life and relationships.  Of the 12 Profiles, Robin was a 2-5., which traditional Human Design would label the Hermit-Marytr. On the conscious level, the second line theme suggests the natural gifts and talents that Williams had, as well as the second line personality tendency to vacillate between shyness and bold expression.  The second line person often prefers to be alone, but even though the 2-5 has a hermit component, it will constant be called out on a mission by those around it.  The 5th line Unconscious theme will consistently deal with the fields of projection.   The fifth line has great gifts of leadership, but often must battle the angels and demons of other people’s stories about who they are or what they should be, whether a savior or a martyr.

High profile Hollywood actors must deal with pressure from agents, fans, family, and their own inner critic.  Reputation is always a motivating factor for 5th line beings.  This might have become too much of a game for Williams, who wit the second line personality, may have actually preferred to curl up in a ball and shut off the world.  There is an interesting quote from Robin Williams that reflects this idea:ly “I used to think the worst thing in life is to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.” 

    Robin Williams—your artist, your comedic genius will never leave this world feeling alone.  We thank you for all you shared with this planet, and the great work you do for us now, teaching through your transition to the worlds beyond.


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Aug 2014

Robin Williams’ Astrology and Transition Chart

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robin williams birth chart





We have all been touched by the recent loss of one of the great comedians and talented actors of our age, Robin Williams.  I want to share a few key elements in Williams’ birth chart to reflect some of his comedic genius and his struggles with alcoholism and depression, as well as some powerful transits that may have triggered his tragic death.


In Dead Poets Society, a film I watched over and over again for its sheer poignancy and power, this dialogue unfolds between prep school teacher McAllister and teacher Keating, played by Williams.




McAllister: “Show me the heart unfettered by foolish dreams and I’ll show you a happy man.”


John Keating: “But only in their dreams can men be truly free. ‘Twas always thus, and always thus will be.”



Robin Williams was a man who loved to live in his dreams, whose genius frolicked in the eternal playground of the imagination.  One of the things which challenges us most about his suicide is that in one of his most famous films What Dreams May Come, Williams’ character deals with the consequence to the soul of committing suicide as he visits the land of the deceased and specifically his wife, stuck in the purgatorial realm of those who take their own lives.


The tragic reminder of life imitating art sadly emphasizes Williams’ plight so acutely described in his birth chart.  Robin Williams was born July 21, 1951 at 1:34 pm in Chicago, Il.  The first thing we notice in Williams’ chart is that the big three—Sun, Moon, and Rising are all in the Water element, in addition to his Mars/Uranus conjunction in Cancer, and his North Node/Ceres/Moon conjunction in Pisces.  The water element in such propensity in the chart gives a highly sensitive and empathic being very tuned in to the realms of the imagination.


Cancer Suns and Mars are often devoted to their families, while Pisces Moons have a gift for channeling creative energy.  Often naturally psychic, highly intuitive, and dreamy, Moon in Pisces fundamental need is to dissolve boundaries.  This is what gave Williams such a talent for being a chameleon, playing many different types of roles in his art, and slipping into various characters easily from one moment to the next in his stand up routines.  Yet, this Moon sign’s concern for dissolving boundaries, if not deeply connected to its spirituality and Source, can often be attracted to escape through altered states of consciousness such as alcoholism, leading to vicious cycles of addiction and depression.


One of the strongest transits that Williams was receiving upon his death was Neptune conjunct his Moon.  Although this could be one of the greatest spiritual transits of our lives, for an uncentered being, this transit could make us feel as if we are flailing in the middle of the ocean, dissolving away with no anchor to ground us.  Neptune can bring the most profound states of meditation and unitive consciousness, or make us yearn so deeply for heaven’s promise that embodiment is a burden we no longer wish to bear.


Neptune transits to such a watery person as Williams could have felt like a storm looming on the horizon, a storm of madness, with the potential to completely lose both his body and his mind (Parkinson’s Disease) and enter an ocean of depression beyond the point of salvation.


With his North Node in Pisces, Williams’ soul’s destiny was to enter these rapturous and ecstatic states of oneness, through art and spirituality.  But in order to do this, he would have to rise above his South Node in Virgo’s tendency to remain in “lack consciousness,” acutely aware always of what was not working and what needed to be improved upon.  With Saturn and Venus in Virgo as well, the self critical voices of “not being good enough”—likely very old etchings in the soul—could have been indomitable weights, yet these same archetypal configurations gave Williams an exquisite ability to cultivate his craft and commit to excellence in his work.








Many of us have been following the Uranus-Pluto square of the last four years.  Williams was someone directly affected by this square and in fact, April’s eclipses and Cardinal Cross of which I and many other astrologers spoke much about, may have been the ultimate test for William’s faith.  The Lunar Eclipse  and Cardinal Cross triggered Williams’ identity-defining configuration—his Cardinal T-Square with Neptune in Libra in the 12th house opposing Jupiter in Aries in the 6th house and both in close square to a Mars/Uranus conjunction in Cancer in the 9th house.


The effects of eclipses can last up to six months and sometimes even longer in our lives, so the Lunar Eclipse landing on a Neptune in the 12th house could bring a sense of total spiritual disillusionment, a feeling of overwhelming existential tragedy with no direction to run, which reached a peak moment this August through other planetary triggers.


Robin William’s Jupiter-Neptune opposition propelled his over-the-top comedy and love of acting, Shakespeare, story, and also according to wikipedia, video games, for fantasy drives Neptunian and Piscean types.  It may be especially hard for those with Neptune configured to their ruling planet to feel content living in the 3d world.  As a Scorpio rising, Mars is William’s ruling planet, the captain of the ship of life guiding the journey’s direction. In this case, the Mars/Uranus conjunction square to Jupiter and Neptune would create a consistent sense of violent urgency to expand, dissolve, or escape into altered states.


Scorpio risings often have hidden layers, unknown to those they touch, like Williams’ various health conditions.  Saturn’s transit through Scorpio in the last eighteen months added a heavy barrage of serious and hard questions regarding Williams’ sense of self-definition.  Saturn’s often heavy melancholy squared Williams’ mental realm—a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Leo—in 2014.  Williams’ creative, theatrical, and playful Mercury in Leo was always colored by Pluto’s deeper probing and psychological insights.  But Mercury-Pluto types can suffer self-destructive thoughts, labyrinthine tunnels of doubt, insecurity, paranoia, and negativity, especially when squared by old man Saturn’s serious and stern temperament.


With the two planetary symbols of death, Saturn and Pluto squaring off in his chart this summer, Williams was primed for a shamanic experience of psychological death and regeneration, but his caterpillar could not see the butterfly on the other side of an apparently suffocating cocoon.







Robin Williams Transits

Recently I have been adding in many more techniques from Traditional Hellenistic Astrology, one of these being a simple, but profound technique called Annual Profections, which determines a focal house and planetary lord of the year determined by our age.  Williams was in a sixth house profected year, which alone would suggest that health would be a major theme in the coming year.


With Profections, we look at the most significant transits of the year occurring with the “Lord of the Year,” which would be Mars, ruling the 6th house Aries.  We also must study transits involving the planet Jupiter, which tenants Williams’ 6th house.


Both transits to and from Mars and Jupiter would promise the most important events in Williams’ life this year.


Significantly, since Mars not only rules the sixth house but is also the ruler of the chart, anything that happens in a year when Mars is the Lord, will affect the course of William’s life.


The first transit that jumps out is Pluto exactly opposing his Mars (and Uranus just one degree away.)  This transit symbolizes the unexpected, shocking death and the hidden motivations behind it.


As the Lord of the Year, Mars is traditionally considered a malefic planet, causing problems in our life.  Also, if we just look at the condition of Mars itself we notice that Mars is in a weakened state in its fall in the sign of Cancer.  Mars is also contrary to the sect, since this is a day chart.  This makes Mars William’s most challenging planet, and years when Mars is the Lord could be the most difficult and harrowing years.


Mars had crossed Williams’ Ascendant just a week prior to his death. This places the aggressive and confrontational force of Mars right on the angle of personal identification, giving the force of violence a self-directed thrust.


It intrigues us to note that transiting Mars was applying to the Ascendant when the famous and brilliant author, Ernest Hemingway shot himself.  Perhaps Robin Williams could have supplanted Hemingway’s experience of this transit with Martin Luther King Jr., who used this same applying transit of Mars for his moment of most catalyzing leadership—the March on Washington D.C.


In addition to the Mars transits, the transits to and from Jupiter played a significant triggering role in William’s death.  Uranus had been hovering around the degree of his Jupiter all year of 2014, with Pluto squaring that Jupiter.  These transits could definitely test one’s faith, question one’s philosophy, theology, and sense of life’s ultimate meaning.


Sadly, Jupiter had just entered Williams’ 10th house of career, in fact just crossing the midheaven angle. This could be one of the most prolific and positive cycles for our vocational calling to reach the public.  In actuality, this Jupiter transit has factored in to the high publicity of William’s death, with many tributes to William’s Jupiterian nature—the joyful and playful laughter he brought into our lives.  But Williams’ death has also brought us to Jupiterian teaching about the conditions of depression, insecure mental health, and Parkinson’s disease.


One wonders what kind of positive, uplifting, and inspiring potentials may have occurred if Williams’ had experienced Jupiter cross over his Venus/South Node and Saturn in 2015 and 2016.


Two other transits of importance in Robin William’s transition chart include the wounder/healer centaur Chiron.    His Progressed Moon was in the 8th house of psychological depth and mortality, opposite his natal Chiron.  Thus, his emotional world may have felt lost in primal wounds, stories of victimization or unconquerable sufferings.  Chiron was also exactly transiting natal Ceres, the dwarf planet symbolizing sense of belonging, self-esteem, and the regenerative power of loss and return familiar to all parents.  The daughter of Ceres/Demeter was Persephone who was abducted to Hades/Pluto’s underworld.


When we consider Chiron’s role in our lives we can think of the childhood wounds which could not be transmuted in the life of Michael Jackson, who died at his Chiron Return, but we can also reflect upon Eckhart Tolle, whose The Power of Now appeared also at his Chiron return, and made Tolle an instant Chrion figure—a mentor, a guide, and spiritual coach for others.  In a way, Chiron crossing Robin William’s North Node in Pisces has also made his death and his depression a healing teaching for all of us.


In talking to a healer friend of mine, I faced a deep metaphysical question that only someone like Robin Williams could really conjure in my soul.  The question remains: is suicide part of the soul’s contract—to itself, to its guides, to other souls it has known for lifetimes OR is suicide the ego’s attempt to become God and always a way out of fulfilling our soul-contracts?  Thus, as some religions and spiritual teachings say, if we commit suicide, are we just going to have to come back again to work out the same karma and pattern in the soul?  It is these difficult questions that Robin Williams has raised for us in his tragic, final act.  We will explore Williams’ Human Design chart in our next newsletter to gain further insights into this extraordinary, but troubled artist.




Thank you Robin Williams, for your medicine—the laughter, the depth, the sadness, for shouting out your unique voice at the top of your lungs, and inspiring us to do the same.




John Keating: Boys, you must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all. Thoreau said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Don’t be resigned to that. Break out!


Dead Poets Society


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Mar 2014


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Mar 2014

Human Design – Defined, Undefined, and Open Centers

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The CENTERS: Defined, Undefined and Open  

Human Design’s Bodygraph is a calculation which displays nine energy centers.  Centers are defined if a planet in either our Conscious or Unconscious design occupies one of the gates in a center and then connects in to another gate.   These defined gates then form a defined channel of energy which synthesizes the meaning of the two gates or I Ching Hexagrams.  On a deeper level, the two planets which are in these connecting gates also share a strong magnetism between each other.

We might think of this in a similar way to an aspect in astrology between two planets.  The two gates which form a channel create an archetypal complex between those two centers, those two hexagrams, and the two (or more) planets occupying those gates.

Defined Centers represent areas which have reliable and consistent energetic flow for us.  In essence, we strongly identify with these centers.  They are how we condition the world around us.  They are the filters through which we perceive and we cannot remove these filters.  Thus, even though we may be empowered, we may also be limited by that which defines us.

On the other hand, Undefined Centers are a foreign land for us.  They represent areas of fascination, discovery, and education in this life, without an attachment to a specific expression.  The challenge with Undefined Centers is our intrinsic insecurity in these areas.  Since we do not have reliable energetic flow through these centers, we are not quite certain how to function with them.  Thus we may compensate by trying to become like those in our environment who have these centers defined.  Subsequently, these undefined centers become prominent sources of conditioning in our lives, often occurring in our early upbringing through parents, siblings, teachers, friends, and extended family.

Some schools of Human Design do not differentiate Undefined from Open centers, but I and other Human Design counselors have witnessed the difference in a center which has no Conscious or Unconscious planets occupying it, which we would label as completely Open.  Naturally, this center could be extreme in its expression.  It could be heavily conditioned and overwhelmed by its environment and thus very easily succumb to conditioning.  However, we have also witnessed that completely Open centers, when approached with intention and consciousness, become areas of potentially pristine clarity.  One who expresses this Open center with this awareness becomes a transparent reflection for what is happening in the environment, without having to own it or experience it themselves.

Thus, with Undefined and Open centers, if we recognize that we are not “supposed to be” living those centers in a prescribed and consistent way, we can actually become quite wise about the nature of that center and the appropriate way of navigating its force.

Just as in astrology, a planet in a sign, house, or aspect can be navigated with intention and consciousness or in reaction, defense, or ignorance, I like to think of the potential expressions of energy in Human Design as a frequency of possibility.  The following is a chart with a description of the frequency of centers as we express them: The “Realized” or intelligent use of the center, followed by the Challenge or Obstacle in place with that center defined, undefined, or open.

Human Design DEFINED Centers our “signal transmission”

Realized:    a place of reliable energy, consistencyallyson HD annotations

-who we “are,” how we condition others;  

Challenge:     assume others to be this way;

-expression in a particular way depending on channels and gates activated, and planets activating these channels gates


Human Design UNDEFINED Centers -our receiving antennae

Realized:    what we learn about, fascinated by, receive education in;

-where we can share wisdom and clear reflection without taking it on

Challenge:     where we are conditioned, influenced, susceptible

some innate insecurity; where we try to be something we’re not

-erratic expression, defensiveness, can be consumed by and burn out here


Human Design OPEN Centers

OPEN – no signal or no consistent energy

Realized:    non-attached clarity, pristine reflection of energy

-transparent mirror for others, pure channel

Challenge:     oblivious, clueless

-delusional, lost, total overwhelm



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Mar 2014

New Moon Pisces 2014

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Saturday’s New Moon Pisces is a wonderful time to invoke the ecstatic mystic in you through poetic sketches of the precious moment, spontaneous dances of the playful muse, and all-night chanting and channeling of the Beloved.  With the New Moon conjunct Chiron, this weekend invites a fusion between your lower and higher selves, or a guiding light from a trusted mentor.  The sabian symbol for 11 Pisces instructs us to courageously ascend one step at a time: “Humans traveling a narrow path to achieve spiritual illumination.”  Thus, myth, archetypes, astrology, tarot, and film can all be potent lenses into the multidimensional wounds and gifts seeking integration in the soul.

Although this month’s transits highlight unity and collaboration, we still must be present to the Piscean shadows—the invasion of personal space through projection and the subsequent confusion which follows. The need for direct declarations of your boundaries could also be highlighted Feb. 25-March 3 due to the Venus in Capricorn square to Mars in Libra. Tensions rise as they did mid- January when this square also occurred.  Perhaps instead of a boxing match, this transit can motivate the god and goddess to clearly communicate long term goals and strategic creative projects together.  If the heat rises, let this transit motivate the medicine of passionate love-making between you and a beloved.

Just as last month’s Venus retrograde melted into a Mercury retrograde, now Mercury’s backward cycle ends this Friday as Mars retrograde begins in Libra.  Although next week is a wonderful time to begin ventures or projects, the Mars retrograde through mid-May invites us to cautiously navigate and carefully consider what motivates our actions and our passions, especially in relationships, sexuality, and artistic endeavors.

Lastly, film and music can always act as a great catharsis for our emotional, Piscean tides.  This Sunday, film celebrates the Academy Awards,and there are some supreme performances which directly address Piscean themes, such as pharmaceuticals in Dallas Buyer’s Club. Matthew McConaughey’s complete transformation and daring performance in this film (and his transits!) make him my pick for this year’s Best Actor.    This weekend’s relationship focus could be channeled positively by watching Her—a touching portrayal of love and alienation in the anonymous information age, as Joaquin Phoenix fumbles through falling in love with his new computer operating system. One of my favorite recent films, Her is my pick for best original screenplay.

I will be exploring the links between archetypal astrology and film, by discussing the charts of Oscar winners and also the astrology of death in next week’s Pisces, Neptune, and 12th House class.  You can join us here.

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