Birth Chart

Birth Chart

“Astrology is astronomy brought down to earth and applied to the affairs of men…Men should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

What do Evolutionary Astrology and Human Design reveal to you?website astro chart copy

  • Fulfilling career choices
  • Soul purpose and pathways of self-actualization
  • Relationship intent, ideal partnerships, and compatibility
  • Auspicious times to begin projects, businesses, and marriage
  • How to balance relationships, career, family, creativity, and spiritual practice
  • Optimal locations for business success, romance, creative pursuit, nurturing home
  • How best to support your children’s emotional and learning styles
  • Past life energies as patterns in you, today
  • Conditioning circumstances in your life
  • Where reliable and consistent energy can be found for you
  • How to make authentic decisions in your life


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