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Jan 2015

Martin Luther King Jr. – Astrology and Numerology

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Unfortunately, we do not have a birth time for Dr. King, but we do know that he was born with the Moon and Venus in Pisces, giving him a very compassionate nature with an aesthetic sensibility, especially towards poetry and religious literature.  Pisces is also a highly spiritual and mystical zodiac sign, and Dr. King not only stepped onto his path of becoming a minister at the age of 15, but he was greatly influenced by India’s great spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi.   

The Capricorn Sun is a figure who represents determined leadership, and the power to systematically, step-by-step move towards success.   Capricorns often accomplish a great amount in their lifetime through strategic planning.  They feel a deep sense of responsibility and accountability to whatever organization of which they are a part.  Embracing disciplined duty, they can eventually be perceived as the wise elders of their tribe, even at a young age, like Dr. King.

One of the communication tactics of a Mercury in Aquarius is to connect with the revolutionary ideals of a group of people.  The emphasis on individual sovereignty as well as collective freedoms in the name of serious injustices reflects the Aquarian Mercury, who is also willing to take unorthodox approaches to expressing his humanitarian message to the world.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.


In Numerology, our name holds a spiritual vibration.  Each letter corresponds to a number frequency.  The reduction of the numbers in our birth name is called the Expression Number, which refers to the orientation, goal, or aim of your life, and the inherent talents you are born with.  Also called the destiny number, it reveals your potential and what you can likely accomplish.

However a Minor Expression number also exists.  The Minor Expression is determined by the current name you use.  This can be a shortened version of your birth name or entirely different name by which you are called.  Often the Minor Expression number and its characteristics may compensate for missing elements in our birth name.  It may also intensify certain talents or repeat specific core themes in your numerology.

Dr. King was born as Michael Luther King, which vibrates to the 40/4.  The name Michael alone vibrates to the Master Number 22, which also reduces to a 4.   The number 4 is a number of solid foundation, someone who is an organizer and manager, who can both structure and carry out systematic plans, like the Capricorn Sun.

The Master Number 22 is called the “Master Builder,” and has the greatest potential to turn “I have a dream” into a reality.  22’s can feel a pressure from the archetypal world, like a vision that must be actualized through their efforts.  They must have enormous self-confidence and leadership skills, as well as the ability to network and connect with those who can help to manifest into form a revolutionary goal that can influence the world for generations to come.

When he was six years old, he took on the name Martin.  The fascinating thing is that MARTIN, MARTIN LUTHER KING, and DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., all reduce to the number 8.   The 8 is our current universal year, and anyone who expresses these traits and this destiny has the potential to achieve great power on the planet.  Challenges and rivalries can actually motivate the 8 Expression to strive beyond its own limitations in order to achieve the authority and success it feels to be its birth right.  The 8 is best when focusing on the broad picture and the grand plan, while delegating the details to others.  Courage, resilience, tenacity, and the demanding streak mark this destiny.

The fact that Dr. King’s Life Path number is a 28/1 is also intriguing.  Dr. King moves on the 1 Life Path through the 2 and the 8.   Thus, he is on the 1 path of leadership, ambition, pioneering spirit, and fearless forward movement.  But he does this through the deep emotional bond of partnerships, collaborators, and alliances, the 2, who support the empowerment and large scale enterprise of the 8.

Interestingly, Dr. King was highly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s non violent movements of rebellion.  King saw his own 1 Life Path reflected in Gandhi’s 1 Expression Number.  In addition, King’s 4 Expression number connected with the Soul-Urge Number of Gandhi.   How our own core numbers connect to partners or teachers is a fascinating path of study.

If you have changed your own name, the cycles at that time can bring profound revelations into the initiatory rites of passage your soul was undergoing then.   This study includes your numerology transits and essences, as well as your personal year, and pinnacle cycles, in addition to your astrology transits and progressions.

Thank you Dr. King, for all intolerance and injustice you helped to end, and the equality and justice you helped to build.

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