Find Your Power Places with AstroLocality

Find Your Power Places with AstroLocality

TELECLASS: Find Your Power Places! relocation11

Wednesday January 28th,

6pm pac, 7pm mtn, 8pm ctrl, 9pm est.

Have you ever wondered why each place you’ve lived can feel so different?  Why some places feel ripe with opportunity, and others seem to challenge, stress, or drive you a bit crazy?  Have you wondered where on earth your beloved may be, or the career of your dreams?

In this very unique teleclass you will learn about the profound tool of AstroLocality and how it can empower you in your life.

  • What it means when a planet influences your angles of partnership, career, home, and personality
  • How to find locations that can help you manifest loving relationships
  • The best locations for business growth, and where to find your clients and your tribe.
  • Where can your art or creativity really flourish?
  • What lines could bring conflict, aggression, drama, or illness?
  • Strategizing When to Go: The effect of forecasting over certain areas of the planet
  • How to travel consciously and choose your destinations wisely.
  • Learn about three sets of influences—Astrocartography, Local Space, and Parans
  • Famous chart examples of AstroLocality, including actors and U.S. Presidents
  • Client and personal stories from many years of research.

-***BONUS***You will receive a Jupiter line map with your registration, showing you locations of expansion, opportunity, growth, and fortune.  Include your birth date, time, and place upon registration to receive this bonus.

Investment: $40


-This class will include slides and is recorded and sent out the week of class.

-Call-in details sent the day before the event.

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