Conscious Relating with Human Design Webinar

Conscious Relating with Human Design Webinar



Tuesday September 24

6 pm pac, 7 Mtn, 8 Ctrl, 9 Est

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The old astrological question “What’s your sign?” is now being replaced with a new series of Human Design questions:

What’s your Type?

What’s your Strategy?

What’s your Authority?

The answers to these questions tell us very important information about our relationship intent and the healthiest approach to entering, sustaining, or leaving partnership. With October’s upcoming eclipses in Scorpio, Libra, and Aries this is a crucial time for us to honor our personal partnership needs to engage relationship with confidence and compassion, without stepping in our own way.  In our special webinar, we will explore various Human Design chart examples as we study  the evolution of intimacy and all relations—beloved, family, work, friendship—throught he following questions:

What are the 5 Human Design Types?

How does each Type approach relationship?

What shadows and gifts does each type bring to relationship?

What decision-making strategies do each of us need as individuals and do we bring to our partnerships?

What is your Inner Authority?

How do the different Authorities communicate to each other in relationship for synergy?


***You will receive personal interpretation of your Type and Inner Authority with this class

  You do not have to be live for this class.  The webinar is RECORDED and sent out to all who register for the event within a few days, during the week of Sept. 23, 2014.   Instructions will be sent out for joining the webinar on Monday the 22nd.

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