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Mar 2014

New Moon Pisces 2014

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Saturday’s New Moon Pisces is a wonderful time to invoke the ecstatic mystic in you through poetic sketches of the precious moment, spontaneous dances of the playful muse, and all-night chanting and channeling of the Beloved.  With the New Moon conjunct Chiron, this weekend invites a fusion between your lower and higher selves, or a guiding light from a trusted mentor.  The sabian symbol for 11 Pisces instructs us to courageously ascend one step at a time: “Humans traveling a narrow path to achieve spiritual illumination.”  Thus, myth, archetypes, astrology, tarot, and film can all be potent lenses into the multidimensional wounds and gifts seeking integration in the soul.

Although this month’s transits highlight unity and collaboration, we still must be present to the Piscean shadows—the invasion of personal space through projection and the subsequent confusion which follows. The need for direct declarations of your boundaries could also be highlighted Feb. 25-March 3 due to the Venus in Capricorn square to Mars in Libra. Tensions rise as they did mid- January when this square also occurred.  Perhaps instead of a boxing match, this transit can motivate the god and goddess to clearly communicate long term goals and strategic creative projects together.  If the heat rises, let this transit motivate the medicine of passionate love-making between you and a beloved.

Just as last month’s Venus retrograde melted into a Mercury retrograde, now Mercury’s backward cycle ends this Friday as Mars retrograde begins in Libra.  Although next week is a wonderful time to begin ventures or projects, the Mars retrograde through mid-May invites us to cautiously navigate and carefully consider what motivates our actions and our passions, especially in relationships, sexuality, and artistic endeavors.

Lastly, film and music can always act as a great catharsis for our emotional, Piscean tides.  This Sunday, film celebrates the Academy Awards,and there are some supreme performances which directly address Piscean themes, such as pharmaceuticals in Dallas Buyer’s Club. Matthew McConaughey’s complete transformation and daring performance in this film (and his transits!) make him my pick for this year’s Best Actor.    This weekend’s relationship focus could be channeled positively by watching Her—a touching portrayal of love and alienation in the anonymous information age, as Joaquin Phoenix fumbles through falling in love with his new computer operating system. One of my favorite recent films, Her is my pick for best original screenplay.

I will be exploring the links between archetypal astrology and film, by discussing the charts of Oscar winners and also the astrology of death in next week’s Pisces, Neptune, and 12th House class.  You can join us here.

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