Each of us contains a code, hidden in our birthdate and our name.  Numerology is the ancient science of unveiling that code to empower and awaken you on your journey on planet earth.  Our reading together will reveal your soul’s intention in this lifetime, and help you to understand the patterns in your relationships, career, family, and creative path.  Numerology gives greater clarity and context for the challenges and struggles you face, while attuning you to your intrinsic talents and abilities you have to serve in your highest potential.

In our session, you will discover:

  • career fulfillment with your Expression number
  • purpose and spiritual alignment with your Life Path number
  • relationship tendencies and compatibilities
  • your underlying motivations with your Heart’s Desire number
  • the special gifts you possess in your birthday number 
  • your primary karmic lessons for soul-growth

I am here to support you through the challenges, guide you through those edgy obstacles, and catalyze you to awaken to your mission with grace and unconditional love.

Recorded MP3 and Written Report sent with each consultation

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What opportunities are presenting themselves in the year ahead?  How is my soul developing on its path of evolution?  What new challenges for growth will arise this year?  How will career and relationship

A Numerology forecast describes these unfolding cycles.  In our reading together, we explore the emerging evolutionary path through your Personal Year.  Your Essences reveal your inner emotional states during this year and your underlying motivations.  Transits describe to us what is evolving for you on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual plane.  And your Pinnacles reveal much larger cycles of development, which give greater context for the journey ahead.

Recorded MP3 and Written Report sent with each consultation.

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