TimeMastery – Abundant Accomplishment

TimeMastery – Abundant Accomplishment

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6 Sexy Strategies for

Abundant Accomplishment

Tuesday 11/11/14

6 pm pac, 7 Mtn, 8 Ctrl, 9 Est


How precious is your time to you?

Does it feel like you never have enough?

In this special TimeMastery webinar, learn how to find the best times:

   For financial opportunities, being at home with family, peak times for career, social life, relational development, travel, shamanic journeying, and rest.

How can the ancient science of astrology help me achieve all of my potential?

We will discuss specifically how to use the Sun and Moon’s regular cycle to timemap your life, and the power of integrating New and Full Moon transits so that you can gracefully balance and commit to all we love—family, creativity, nature, work, our beloveds?

We will also explore the archetype of Time in astrology—Saturn—and how to honor his transits collectively and personally, as we discuss:

~Saturn’s 7 year Cycle, including Saturn Return

~Saturn in Scorpio

~Saturn in Ophiuchus – The Wounded Healer

~Saturn in Sagittarius in 2015

*And a personal interpretation for Saturn’s transit in your chart in 2015

*Class members will receive bonus discounts for coaching

**This class is a recorded WEBINAR; call-in instructions sent out day of class

***All participants will receive the recording of the class and personal interpretation within the week of the class.

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